7 Lewd Anime Like XL Joushi. (R+)

While XL Joushi. and similar anime are often despised by many people, these types of anime have some charm as well, I gotta admit. They are usually short mini-series with a lot of perverted ecchi scenes and rated R+ – Mild Nudity, so the creators are opting for an audience over 18 years old. However, since these anime are usually broadcast in many versions, they are usually censored and made with cut-out scenes for viewers under the age of 18.

To lay it out simply, all of the below-mentioned anime shows are similar to XL Joushi. They are straight to the plot and revolve around naughty scenes with an underwhelming, submissive female character. All of them are also mini-series (3-7 minutes usually).

If you feel like watching some flirty and sexual show, this might be a good choice and you won’t waste much time either. Just remember that the plot is revolving around sexual relations and perverted scenes so it won’t be anything breathtaking or captivating.

Here is a synopsis of XL Joushi. in case you haven’t watched it: Saki Watase, a beautiful office worker who is somewhat broke and decides to work part-time, is the main character in the story of XL Joushi. Her primary responsibility is to review XL-size condoms. What happens if her secret part-time employment is discovered by her nasty boss at work?

Could it, despite their differences, lead to a relationship between the two?

Here is a list of the top 7 anime like XL Joushi!

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7. Amai Choubatsu: Watashi wa Kanshu Senyou Pet

  • Genres: Ecchi
  • Episodes: 13

Hina Saotome gets framed and is sent to Kukuyoku Prison for embezzlement, and wants to desperately prove her innocence. While the situation is more than complicated, she soon learns that she is the only woman in a prison populated by men.

On top of that, Hina is getting consistently punished by a handsome and strict warden named Aki Myojin, who seems to want to capture not just her body but also her heart.

6. Araiya-san! Ore to Aitsu ga Onnayu de!?

  • Genres: Ecchi, Comedy, Romance
  • Episodes: 8

Souta Tsukishima started to work part-time at his family’s public bathhouse as a back washer and to his surprise, Aoi Yuzuki, a hot female classmate who constantly harasses him, visits the bathhouse on his shift.

The relationship between Souta and Aoi starts to develop when Souta washes Aoi’s back.

5. Joshiochi! 2-kai kara Onna no Ko ga… Kudattekita

  • Genres: Ecchi
  • Episodes: 9

The ceiling collapsed and a girl fell through from the second floor!?

Sousuke lives in a rundown apartment building where his only consolation is that the landlord is a beautiful woman and the girl who lives above him is cute.
One day though, the ceiling above him creaks and… Bang! In from the second floor, directly above him, the cute girl comes crashing down on him…!?

In an erotic encounter that can only be classified as a miracle, hearts and bodies are connected by chance. Then for some reason, he starts to live with both of these beautiful women!? Under this one roof, just what exactly will become of this crowded love triangle…!?

(Source: Honey’s Anime)

4. Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita.

  • Genres: Drama, Ecchi, Romance
  • Episodes: 12

The story revolves around Shizuka, a reserved girl who decides to attend a local mixer party but can’t help feeling uncomfortable. She soon begins to be hit on by a pretty female college student, Ryou, and the two leave to spend the night at Ryou’s place.

Ryou unexpectedly kisses Shizuka and pushes her down on the bed, and while Shizuka just thinks that Ryou is a beautiful lesbian she soon discovers that Ryou is a man dressed as a woman.

3. Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni…

  • Genres: Ecchi, Drama, Romance
  • Episodes: 12

Another lewd anime series like XL Joushi. is Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni…

At a high school reunion, Mio Fukatani reunites with a classmate she has not seen in years—Takahide Kujou. She had always wanted to know more about the kind-hearted boy in high school, but once she realizes that Kujou has become a monk, she believes that any chance of getting to know him romantically is slim. Deciding to drink away her sorrows, she ends up walking home drunk, and surprisingly, running into Kujou who helps her get home.

However, once inside, Kujou’s lust for Mio becomes apparent and the two share an erotic night of passion. As this steamy romance blossoms between these two unlikely lovers, Mio and Kujou will undoubtedly spend many nights together in utter ecstasy.

(Source: MAL)

2. Shuudengo, Capsule Hotel de, Joushi ni Binetsu Tsutawaru Yoru (The Night When Me and My Boss Spent the Night at the Capsule Hotel After the Last Train and He Passed His Fever to Me)

  • Genres: Ecchi, Josei, Romance
  • Episodes: 12

Similar to XL Joushi. and 25-sai no Joshikousei, Shuudengo, Capsule Hotel de, Joushi ni Binetsu Tsutawaru Yoru is a smut anime series about characters developing their romantic relationship. There are also vanilla lovemaking scenes.

Minori is an office worker who constantly argues with her boss, Hadano. One fateful night, after a company drinking party, the two are having their usual argument when Minori realizes that she has missed the last train home. Minori and Hadano decide that they can spend the night at a capsule hotel located nearby, but an incident forces them to share the same capsule unit.

1. 25-sai no Joshikousei

  • Genres: Ecchi, Romance, School
  • Episodes: 12

Like XL Joushi., 25-sai no Joshikouse is an anime with an actual romantic story which makes it sweet and cute.

Our heroine Hana Natosi finds herself in an awkward predicament when, despite being 25 years old, she fills in for her cousin at the school at her aunt’s request. It appears to be a good idea because the two are virtually identical, but Hana immediately runs to Okito Kanie, a former classmate who is now a teacher at the same school.

She fears that her scheme will be discovered, but Mr. Teacher has other ideas for Hana.

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