7 Anime Boys Who Are Boyfriend Material

We all have dreamed of meeting our favorite anime characters in real life, and I’m sure many of you have already picked your ideal waifu/husbando. But have you ever thought about who would make the best boyfriend among all the anime boys out there?

When it comes to picking the best anime boyfriend, there are certain qualities to consider like personality, beauty, uniqueness, age, and powers. So I’ve been thinking, who would make the cut based on these criteria?

Here are the 7 anime boys who are boyfriend material!


7. Accelerator (Toaru series)

  • Age: 15-16
  • Race: Human
  • Classification: Esper

Accelerator is the ultimate villain of the Toaru series, and he maintains his “villainy” throughout the story. But don’t get me wrong, he’s got style and he doesn’t prey on the innocent. He undergoes major character development and eventually starts caring for a young girl named Last Order.

His looks are unique: white skin, red eyes, white hair, a skinny figure, and a fitted collar for vector manipulation. He’s a bit nerfed after a brain injury, but still incredibly powerful and considered the strongest in Academy City. He’s able to annihilate anyone thanks to his vector manipulation ability: he can change the direction of your blood flow with just a touch!

Just imagine having a boyfriend who can manipulate any vector at will. Pretty cool, right? And the way he’s tsundere but always rushes to protect Last Order shows how much he cares.

6. Allen Walker (D. Gray-man)

Art by 真礼@twitter
  • Age: 15-16
  • Race: Human / Noah
  • Classification: Exorcist

As an Exorcist, Allen has the power of Innocence, which is currently called Crown Clown, acting as a body-armored Innocence. At first glance, it may seem defensive but can also be used as an offense, thanks to the ability that makes his left arm slender and black, clad in armor and razor-sharp claws. He was cursed as a child and can now see Akumas unwillingly, his eye turns red and activates on its own in the presence of demons.

But Allen is not someone who sees the world in black and white. Despite being an Exorcist, fighting Akuma (demons), he still sympathizes with them and has empathy for them. He is completely loyal to his friends and willing to protect them, even at the cost of sacrificing himself.

I can see him as a kind, generous, and protective boyfriend. He would also be able to deal with formal stuff (if you have social anxiety) because he is very polite and well-spoken.

5. Kirito Kazuya (Sword Art Online)

  • Age: 14-17 (depends on the Arc)
  • Race: Human
  • Classification: Hardcore gamer

Kirito may come off as a bit of a shut-in and a gamer, but there’s no denying that he is beyond skilled at games. Although he may not be the strongest when it comes to physical abilities or real-life situations, he’s got a good heart and strong moral values. He treats people with kindness and fairness, and he’s incredibly protective of his in-game waifu, Asuna. Together, they form an inseparable duo and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get back to the real world, promising Asuna that he’ll always find her.

If you’re also a gaming enthusiast, imagine spending hours together in an MMORPG. Time for some e-relationship and sleep on the mic.

4. Chika Kudo (Kono Oto Tomare)

  • Age: 16 (estimated)
  • Race: Human
  • Classification: Student

Chika is a passionate koto player who is dedicated to honing his skills through hard work and practice. He is a dependable and kind-hearted individual, even when faced with judgment or mistreatment from others. These qualities make him a strong candidate for a perfect boyfriend.

3. Tomoe (Kamisama Kiss)

  • Age: over 628 years old
  • Race: Kitsune Yokai (Fox Spirit/Demon)
  • Classification: Familiar

Tomoe is a charming, white-haired kitsune who is not only visually appealing but also possesses a unique mix of personality traits. He is a combination of tsundere, kindness, teasing, loyalty, and protection.

Although he may initially come off as distant, he ultimately develops deep feelings for the main heroine. And if he was single and available, he would make great boyfriend material.

2. Chiaki Nagoya (Phantom Thief Jeanne)

  • Age: 16
  • Race: Human
  • Classification: Kaitou (Phantom Thief)

Chiaki Nagoya, AKA Kaitou Sinbad, is the male lead of my all-time favorite childhood anime, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne. This was the first anime that got me hooked on the genre, and Chiaki was my first anime crush (I was like 7 or 8 at the time).

He’s just got everything that you’d want in a boyfriend: he’s protective, playful, and strong. These qualities are shown over and over throughout the show. I just loved the way he teased Maron (the female lead), but at the same time, he never gave up on her even though she was refusing his help because of her trust issues. He always came to protect her when she needed help, without hesitation. He would rather get hurt than let Maron get hurt. Basically, he’s the kind of guy who would protect her at all costs.

1. Usui Takumi (Kaichou wa-Maid sama)

  • Age: 17 (in the TV anime)
  • Race: Human
  • Classification: Student

Man, ranking this list is tough. But honestly, I think Usui is a real winner among the anime boys who are boyfriend material. He’s got the looks and charm to steal any girl’s heart. What sets him apart is his loyalty: he’s only interested in one girl and he doesn’t give up on her, even when she keeps ignoring him. He’s the kind of guy who sets his mind on something and doesn’t stop until he gets it. I mean, who could resist that charm?

Who is your favorite anime BF/GF material? 🙂

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  1. There are a number of female characters who could be my waifu – if I were 40+ years younger. Chihaya Ayase tops that list. Rokka from Natsuyuki Rendezvous is also at the top. The problem is that none of them would have me.

    Maybe Sawako from Kimi ni Todoke. We’d have a lot in common at her age. I think we’d really get along.

  2. Seeing Tomoe and Usui on the list made me wanna watch Kono Oto Tomare to check out Chika and I loved him! He’d be the best boyfriend. I got mad I hadn’t seen the anime recommended elsewhere, it was really good! I’m glad I found this list!

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