Top 5 Impossible Sword Skills in Anime

Real life is bound by many laws. One can not simply stay levitated in the sky for minutes without any support. They are bound by the laws of physics and can’t do everything they wish. But for anime, these laws are non-existent. One can simply take a leap forward and end up covering thousands of meters.

This illogicality of anime caused many martial arts to pop up that can never be performed in real life. But still, we fantasize about them due to their over-the-top showmanship and power. Now there are tons of such moves, and even among them, the moves or skills that require a sword are the best. That’s because no matter what your age is, you are sure to love a sword.

Not all the sword moves used in an anime are impossible. In fact, most of the martial art techniques or Kenjutsus performed using a Katana, are completely doable in the real world. But even so, we are fascinated by the impossible.

So without further ado, let’s talk about the top 5 Impossible Sword Skills in Anime.

#5 Hinokami Kagura

  • Anime: Demon Slayer
  • User: Tanjiro Kamado

Even though the series shows us Tanjiro using this skill against Rui for the first time, this skill is not one that Tanjiro owns. It is the origin of all sword skills used throughout the series. This is the skill that gave birth to all the breathing styles that the Demon Slayer Corps follow. It is like the mother of all the currently existing breathing techniques.

One cannot easily master this form since it is now extinct and is only performed by the Kamado family to honor their ancestors. It is a set of twelve extremely hard techniques that give birth to the deadliest breathing style in the world, the Sun Breathing. Like its name, it is the deadliest to the demons while being the most heartwarming to humans.

But even if someone in real life performs the movements with utmost perfection, they will be unable to reproduce them. That’s because when performing this breathing style, the Katana of the wielder engulfs in flames. And we all know such a phenomenon, in reality, is impossible with only martial arts.

#4 Excalibur

  • Anime: Fate/Stay Night
  • User: Artoria Pendragon (Saber)

The fate series has many sword users. But among them, the co-protagonist, Artoria Pendragon, aka Saber is probably the most powerful one. It’s not because of her extraordinary swordsmanship or anything. The reason is simply because of her over-the-top, powerful sword and sword skill, Excalibur.

For Saber, Excalibur is the sword that helped her prove her worth in the Holy Grail wars. This sword is no ordinary one as it was made by the Gods themselves. Anyone who wishes can unleash its power that is enough to destroy even a planet. And this true power is released when one uses the Excalibur sword skill.

This skill pushes the wielder of the Noble Phantasm, Excalibur, to the limit. And in that state, it releases waves of Golden Light that are enough to kill an entire platoon. And if one directs the magical force into a beam of light, it can even cut through an entire planet. One can’t simply cut a planet even if they had the Excalibur in reality.

#3 Bakuryuuha

  • Anime: Inuyasha
  • User: Inuyasha

Being a half dog, Inuyasha has many skills that make no sense. Even the sword that he uses, Tessaiga, was forged from the fang of Toga, Inuyasha’s father. So it’s a given that the sword skills that Inuyasha performed, are not something that one can pull off in reality.

But his ultimate technique, Bakuryuuha, is on a different level. The literal meaning of the name is Backlash Wave and that is exactly what it does. When using this skill, Tessaiga is engulfed in the winds of Kaze no Kizu. If this technique is used, any aura-type attack from the enemy can be sent back with more force and the added benefit of Kaze no Kizu.

This ultimate counter has, however, one major flaw. To be able to use it, one must completely understand and master Kaze no Kizu. That is because the counter takes place only when the Kaze no Kizu, coated on the Tessaiga, comes in contact with the aura-type attack. So do you think it is easy to master Kaze no Kizu, in reality, using nothing but martial arts?

#2 Three Sword Style

  • Anime: One Piece
  • User: Roronoa Zoro

Roronoa Zoro is a man who does the impossible. He uses three swords at a time while a normal human has a tough time with only using two. So it is easy to concur that the skills that he uses, will surely be tough if not impossible to pull off in real life. But even among all the skills he uses, the three sword style, Ichidai Sanzen Daisen Sekai, is probably the toughest.

This skill is not a Kenjutsu type but uses the One Piece story-specific power called Haki. Zoro coats all three of his blades with his Armament Haki and unleashes powerful slashes. A single one of these slashes is powerful enough to cut through Nine mountains and eight seas, aka the world over a thousand times. But Zoro doesn’t only use a single slash but a total of three.

And it was this strength that let him beat Pika, someone who was one with the rocks. In reality, it is unthinkable to be even able to cut a boulder with their Katana and martial arts. But in anime one can cut through Nine thousand such boulders with ease.

#1 Getsuga Tensho

  • Anime: Bleach
  • User: Ichigo Kurosaki

If you have watched Bleach, then you already know that the world of Bleach is filled with Sword skills that will never be possible for us humans to imitate.

But there is one skill that we still want to reproduce, and it’s none other than Getsuga Tensho. No matter how powerful the opponent was, this was the ultimate move that made Ichigo attain victory.

When looking at the skill, it seems to be like any usual slash attack. But it is not, for the Reiatsu of the wielder is concentrated on Zanpakuto and released from it. If you are thinking about recreating it, then please give up for not even the best of the Soul Society could do so.

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