10 Anime Similar to Shinobi no Ittoki

Ninja Ittoki, more popular as Shinobi no Ittoki, is the latest ninja series of DMM pictures. It started airing on October 4th, 2022. With that being said, fans are already wanting to find more anime like Shinobi no Ittoki.

The series follows Ittoki Sakuraba as he gets caught up in a battle between ninja clans which ends up toppling his normal life till then.

As a person who always had many to protect him, he knew that there were secrets surrounding his life. But after getting ambushed and nearly killed by ninjas, he realized that a lot was happening in the background.

After escaping from the assassination attempt, the secrets he wished to know are finally revealed to Ittoki by his mother. She told him that he is the direct descendant and heir of the Iga ninja clan, which is in constant threat against their rivals, the Koga clan.

To learn to fend for himself against the looming threat of the Koga group, he is sent to a ninjutsu gakuen by the name of Kokuten Ninja Academy to hone further and train his skills. This was also with the hope that he, who was just a young boy till then, would become a person worthy of leading the Iga clan.

Troyca introduced fans to this fascinating plot set in the modern world. There, the ninjas use technology and their skills to carry out their mission. With a fight in almost every episode executed in innovative and fun ways, Shinobi No Ittoki is one show that everyone would want to try in this anime season.

The season is set to have 12 episodes from October to December.

For fans of the show, we have identified 10 anime like Shinobi no Ittoki that you might want to check out.

Let’s get on the list!

1. Rurouni Kenshin

Like Shinobi no Ittoki, Rurouni Kenshin has a modern-day setting where Samurai are no longer prevalent but still have their means of survival.

Our protagonist, Kenshin, is a former assassin known for his skills in being able to kill others. However, after years of fighting, he could finally decide that he was not fit for that path. He would rather protect others with his blade.

On encountering a young girl he takes a liking to, he decides to help her run her dojo while trying to steer clear of trouble. This was easier said than done due to his reputation, as he constantly got attacked by enemies who wished to fight and kill him.

The show revolves around a man who is attempting to atone for his previous misdeeds. It is both dramatic and amusing at the same time. There are also some very intense fight scenes in the show, and it has some fantastic characters.

2. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Another ninja anime similar to Shinobi no Ittoki is Boruto. It’s a perfect fit if you’re a fan of the ninjas and all their abilities in Shinobi no Ittoki.

Boruto follows the son of Naruto, a young boy named Boruto Uzumaki, who wishes to catch up and surpass his father. However, his father is considered the strongest and best ninja in the story, so it won’t be so easy.

It also shows us their family relationships as Naruto was often absent from Boruto’s life due to his Hokage’s duties. As a result, Boruto has chased him ever since being a child to gain his attention.

While the show is infamous for having many filler episodes compared to its manga counterpart, it still has a lot of positives.

While excelling in showing us their family dynamic, it also introduces us to a whole new batch of shinobi students in the Naruto universe. We see them train and work hard to complete missions to become the best ninja of their generation.

It also has some of the best fights in the entire series, as we see them take on superhuman opponents and gain different powers.

3. Ninja Slayer From Animation

In a tragic incident where his wife and child are killed, a normal salaryman who barely escaped is possessed by the soul of a ninja.

While seeking revenge on those who took everything from him, he vows to kill all evil ninjas and carry out his vengeance.

The series uses sci-fi and technology in a world where the ninja souls of thousands of years past roam the shadow of the city.

The anime is filled with explosions, violence, and an eccentric storyline while having an extremely unorthodox cast of characters.

In a dystopian setting, Ninja Slayer is an action-filled adventure that tells us an exhilarating story of revenge and family.

4. Strike the Blood

Like we saw in Shinobi no Ittoki, Strike the Blood also follows the story of an ordinary high school student whose life is turned upside down due to a mystery surrounding him.

Despite living an ordinary life, Kojou, the protagonist, is thrust into the middle of attention as he is believed to be an extremely powerful vampire. To monitor and handle the situation, The Lion King Group sends one of their apprentices on a mission where she is ordered to kill him should they decide that he is becoming a threat. However, when various enemies and evil forces threaten their city, the two are forced to work together by circumstance while using their skills to protect the place where they live.

Strike the Blood is a very enjoyable anime packed with action and a harem for any fan of the genre. It is a comfort series where you do not wish to look too deep into the details but enjoy the characters and their relationships.

5. My Hero Academia

Due to a coincidental meeting with the number.1 Hero, Deku’s path in life is drastically changed. He gets to live his dream of becoming a pro hero with superpowers.

Similar to Shinobi No Ittoki, My Hero Academia is an anime that shows us the main character gaining skills through several missions. He is forced to catch and defeat villains. His classmates in the hero school he attends, who also make up the supporting characters, have unique traits. We see exciting new powers and progression throughout the anime.

With amazingly animated fights, extremely hype sequences, and a great cast of villains, My Hero Academia is a great anime to watch if you wish for an exhilarating action anime.

For manga fans, we also see Deku mature and grow through several traumatic and life-changing moments. Honestly, a kid his age should never even have to know of it.

6. Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo is a truly unique anime with dynamic fight sequences and a hip-hop soundtrack that further enhances the experience of fans.

The series starts as we are introduced to a waitress harassed by samurai due to her clumsiness. She is rescued from them by a wild samurai who uses moves similar to breakdancing in his attacks.

However, he picks a fight with a formidable foe, and amid their battle, the teahouse where the waitress worked is destroyed. They also kill the son of a formidable figure. Due to this, they are captured and set to be executed but are saved by the waitress. She then asks them to find a samurai who smells like sunflowers. We then see the trio of odd personalities set out on their mission while encountering several enemies their way.

Similar to Shinobi no Ittoki, Samurai Champloo is filled with exciting action while making good use of comedy.

7. Himawari!

Himawari is a fun show that tells the story of a young girl training to become the best kunoichi in a Shinobi Gakuen.

As a school that attracts talented ninjas from Japan, she believes her path ahead is inconsistent. On her first day, however, she meets a teacher who possesses none of the traits required from a ninja. The only reason he is teaching at the Shinobi Gakuen is to pay off his debts.

However, a mystery is soon discovered as she notices a curious mark on him. She recognizes it’s from an incident in the past.

For fans of Shinobi no Ittoki, Himawari! is a hilarious and enjoyable series that takes us into the ninja world.

8. Blade of the Immortal

Blade of the Immortal is a brutal and gory series filled with death and blood.

It follows our protagonist, Manji, who is known as an immortal being that has killed over 100 men.

In a deal to undo his curse of immortality, he is told that by killing 1000 evil men, he would go back to being a normal human. After this is said, he is approached by a young girl who wishes for him to enact vengeance on her parents’ killers. Though initially reluctant, he gives in while noticing her helplessness. This sets him on the trail of death and violence as he’s chased and attacked continuously due to opposing a powerful group.

The series is extremely sad and has many disturbing scenes and moments that may not be suitable for many audience members. It is also a great example of a well-written seinen anime. It uses shock and gore elements to improve the viewing experience greatly.

9. Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom is a multi-faceted anime with something that panders to every audience member.

It follows a class of students assigned to kill their teacher, an alien species threatening to destroy the world.

While it seems to have a dark premise, the anime is executed in an extremely entertaining way. The students have unique personalities and come up with innovative ways to assassinate their teacher. With its generally pleasant tone, the series also has several shocking moments and twists, which will leave us in disbelief.

In addition, it is also surprisingly deep. We see the alien being an extremely good teacher while imparting valuable life lessons to his class.

Despite the prospect of death looming around the corner, it is a fun series filled with bittersweet moments.

10. Laughing Under the Clouds

In a new era in Japan where swords have been banned, several displeased Samurai take offense to this. They rebel against the government and leave bloodshed in their aftermath. To counter this, the government builds a new prison while assigning 3 siblings to assist them in capturing these rebels. The traits of each brother are done meticulously well as we understand their goals and personality. While trusting in their skills, they do not doubt that they would run into much trouble. But a dark plot unravels in the background as the curse of Orochi spreads its shadow.

Believed to be the bringer of destruction, several groups seek out the person believed to be his reincarnation. This leads to a huge clash between each other, into which our group of siblings gets dragged.

With an interesting story that uses elements of fantasy and edge-of-the-seat fights, this anime is one you do not wish to miss if you enjoyed Shinobi no Ittoki.

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