10 Facts About Mai Sakurajima You Should Know

Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai is among the most popular anime on MAL with more than 1,7 million members & a popularity ranking of #52.

If you haven’t seen this anime, it might be helpful to read the review first.

A supernatural phenomenon called “Adolescence Syndrome” keeps occurring and this syndrome causes abnormal and irregular experiences in teens’ lives.

One of those teens is Sakurajima Mai, a teenage actress, who is becoming invisible to everyone. As she wanders through a library dressed as a bunny girl, she is shocked to encounter a boy who can actually see her. After that, he tries to solve this mystery and help her with her syndrome.

Mai is a very popular character not just because of her beautiful looks but also because of her charming personality. You know, it just goes well together.

Here are 10 facts about Mai Sakurajima!

#10 She loves Sakuta more than he thinks

Her tsundere moments with Sakuta are clearly not the defining trait of their relationship. Sure, she can call him baka and slap him from time to time but we all know that she is a nice girl.

Mai has actually shown her deep love and care for Sakuta many times.

For instance, there was that moment when she encouraged him to go to sleep, fully aware that he would likely forget about her, yet secretly hoping he wouldn’t. At that moment, his well-being mattered more to her than her own.

Mai has shown her selflessness in several ways, like when she spoke up to protect Sakuta’s reputation during the hospitalization incident and when she gave Kaede a dress to encourage her to engage more with the outside world.

She even risked her own life to save Sakuta from a car accident and later became a heart donor for Shoko. However, Sakuta was able to return the favor and save her in the end.

You’re having lewd thoughts, aren’t you? ― Mai

#9 Mai adores Kaede

Kaede is the younger sister of Sakura, and Mai seems to really like her. She is always gentle around her and at some point, she even gave her a dress both as a gift and to at least spark interest in returning to the outside world.

Kaede also likes Mai back. After she gets to know her, Kaede sees her as a role model because Mai is beautiful inside and out.

#8 She used to be an actress/ model

Before taking a hiatus, Mai was a highly renowned actress and model. However, she decided to step back mainly due to the relentless pressure of being in the public eye and the betrayal she experienced from her mother.

Her mother deceived her into participating in a swimsuit photoshoot, despite Mai having previously refused to do so. This incident occurred when Mai was in her third year of middle school.

#7 She is very intelligent

Mai isn’t just your typical beautiful and popular girl; she’s also incredibly intelligent, consistently achieving high grades and even lending a hand to Sakuta with his studies.

In fact, Sakuta and Mai are very similar personality-wise. Both of them are highly intelligent and quick-witted individuals.

#6 Mai is a Type B Tsundere

Mai exhibits characteristics of a Type B Tsundere, mostly displaying a sweet, caring, and nice demeanor, but also harboring a hidden violent side. She’s prone to outbursts of shouting, pinching, slapping, or even stepping on Sakuta, particularly when provoked by romantic situations or emotional tension.

#5 She is fairly tall for a Japanese lady

Mai is ~165 cm tall. This means that Mai is taller than the average Japanese woman. Standing at approximately 165 cm, she exceeds the typical height for women in Japan, which is around 158 cm.

#4 Mai is affected by Adolescence Syndrome

In the world of Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai, Adolescence Syndrome keeps occurring. This syndrome causes abnormal and irregular experiences in teens’ lives.

In Mai, it manifested as her existence slowly fading away as a result of wanting to be unseen by the public due to her fame.

#3 Her Name’s meaning

The name Mai means “hemp, flax, linen” and “clothing, garment”.

Sakurajima translates as “cherry blossom” and “island”.

# 2 She is a third-year high school student at Minegahara High School

Mai and Sakuta both go to Minegahara High School. Mai is in her third year, while Sakuta is in his second. Because Mai is older, she’s Sakuta’s senpai.

In Japanese schools, students wear uniforms, but they’re allowed to personalize them however they like. In the case of Mai, she prefers to wear black tights.

#1 Mai is 17 years old

Mai was born on December 2, 1996, so her zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Sagittarius women are known for being independent and adventurous. They love exploring new things and have a positive outlook on life. They’re honest and straightforward, sometimes coming off as blunt. Overall, they’re lively and always up for an adventure!

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