TokyoTreat February 2024 Snack Box Review

In February, renowned for Valentine’s Day, TokyoTreat generously sent me their February 2024 Snack Box, aptly named “Be My Valentine” for another review. Of course, I tried out every single snack and candy in the box to give you the real lowdown.

Having said that, all the thoughts and images are my own. Just a heads up, if you decide to make a purchase through the links I’ve dropped, I might earn a commission, but it won’t cost you extra.

This review will be quick, giving you an idea of what to expect from their monthly boxes, which yummy contents change depending on the theme. Additionaly, don’t forget to peek at my TokyoTreat review from January 2024 and my overall review of TokyoTreat.

What’s in the TokyoTreat Box – February 2024?

This month, the box arrived earlier than usual, but the customs held onto it for a bit. I had to fill out some paperwork, and I finally got my hands on it just two days ago. The paper box arrived without any plastic wrapping.

When you open the box, you’re greeted with a light booklet and a neatly packed mix of both popular and modern Japanese snacks. The English guide in there spills the beans on the current theme, how Japan celebrates it, snack details, and even if they’re vegan, vegetarian, or dairy-free. Plus, there are loads of pictures to give you an idea.

This box came loaded with 15 unique modern Japanese snacks – some even made a second appearance. Just like always, you’re in for a mix of savory, salty, sweet, and even a touch of spice to keep your taste buds on their toes. Think KitKat mini, fruit juice, chocolate, spicy ramen, chips, and an assortment of salty puffs and crackefrs – a little something for everyone.

Favorite snacks

KitKat Strawberry Shortcake

White chocolate and strawberry shortcake KitKat – a perfect match for Valentine’s Day and also an ideal morning snack paired with a cup of coffee.

Karamucho Spicy Chilli Tomato

While we do have paprika chips and even some spicy chili chips here in Slovakia, the twist here was a tomato-heavy flavor with a generous kick of added chili – now, that’s something different. And, of course, it was absolutely tasty!

Cola Bubble Candy

I guzzle down liters of cola zero per week, not something to be proud about but I just love the taste. Now, this candy hit the spot because of its cola savory flavor. It also lasted quite a bit since it was a hard candy.

Bake Chocolat

Chocolate that doesn’t turn into a gooey mess in your hands? Enter Bake Chocolat – a gem that’s not overly sweet, making it easily one of my top picks. Its delicate yet distinctive flavor sets it apart in the sweets department.

Cacao no Megumi

The rich and luscious taste of 60% chocolate can never go wrong (unless you’re not a fan of dark chocolate, of course). I adored the texture and the way it melted. In fact, the package was loaded with many mini chocolates, so I indulged in two of them this morning as well!

Final thoughts on TokyoTreat’s February 2024 Box

In case you are looking for a piece of modern Japan in your hands, there is no better option than TokyoTreat.

While some may argue that TokyoTreat leans towards the pricier side, given the variety and quantity of goodies packed inside, it’s undeniably a good deal. The TokyoTreat box is priced at $37.50 USD, and depending on your membership plan, it can be reduced to $32.50 USD.

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