TokyoTreat January 2024 Snack Box Review

I’m kicking off the new year with my first review, featuring TokyoTreat’s January 2024 Snack Box called New Year Snackin’ Party, which was filled with various Japanese snacks. TokyoTreat generously sent me this box, aiming to bring a taste of New Year’s, or Oshogatsu.

With that being said, all thoughts and images are my own. Please note that if you make a purchase through the provided links, I may earn a commission without any additional cost to you.

I have previously shared my general, comprehensive review of TokyoTreat, discussing its overall worth. This time, my focus will be on exploring the yummy contents of the current (January 2024) box, providing insights into what subscribers can expect and the value it offers for another month to get a clearer picture.

What’s in the TokyoTreat Box – January 2024?

The package arrived neatly packed inside the paper box, as always. I was excited because I knew there would be some new snacks and even some familiar ones that I loved in the past. I wasn’t disappointed; the box featured a generous variety, totaling 15 modern Japanese snacks. It provided a well-balanced mix of savory, salty, and sweet treats.

The box always arrives with a handy English booklet that not only provides information about allergens and whether the snacks are vegan/vegetarian-friendly but also includes interesting details and pictures about Japanese traditions based on the season. It’s impressive that they put so much effort into this, allowing us to learn new things about Japanese culture in an engaging way.

Favorite snacks

Nagoya Donuts

Did you know that red beans are eaten on New Year’s in Japan to ward off bad luck and bad vibes? Neither did I!

The Nagoya Donuts were an irresistibly tasty snack—extremely soft, mildly sweet, and filled with the popular red bean paste. I love snacks with such texture, so it was a really deligtful experience for me.

Seaweed & Salt Potato Sticks

I adore the rich flavor of potatoes, but I was unsure about the seaweed salt. To my surprise, it turned out to be incredibly tasty, and the package was generous in size.

Sour Cola Lollipopp

As a cola zero addict, I knew I’d love this cola lollipop. It had a nice sourness, and there was candy powder at the bottom of the lollipopp bag. You could dip the lollipop in it after giving it a good lick, making the entire experience not just fun but also much tastier!

Fried Potato Snack

Fried potato snacks are an absolute delight, and as a big potato enthusiast, I knew I’m going to love these crispy and light treats. These snacks proved that when it comes to potatoes, you simply can’t go wrong…

Mishmash Soda Candy Rope

This one had a sweet soda center, but the outer shell tasted strangely unique, like something I’d never tried before. Describing it is a bit tricky since it’s unlike anything I’ve tasted before, but it definitely had some kind of pleasant but atypical soda flavor.

Closing thoughts on TokyoTreat’s January 2024 Box

Wrapping up, the January 2024 TokyoTreat box brought a delightful mix, featuring several newfound favorite snacks and introducing me to exciting flavors I’d never experienced before. Whether you’re a snack enthusiast or keen to explore Japanese flavors, TokyoTreat might just be your gateway to Japanese snacks.

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