The 7 Most Anticipated 2022 Anime ONAs

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2022 is going to be filled with many exciting ONAs. Some of them are complete newbies while the others are continuations of the previous works that earned popularity among anime fans in the previous years. Interestingly, many of them are Netflix anime shows.

For those who don’t know what ONAs are, ONA stands for original net animation, which is an animation that is directly released onto the Internet. ONAs may also have been aired on television if they were first directly released on the Internet.

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Below, you will find 9 Tailed Kitsune’s list of 2022 anime ONAs that you should consider watching!

7. Thermae Romae Novae

Thermae Romae Novae is a comedy/slice of life Netflix ONA that will be made by studio NAZ.

6. Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 2nd Season

The second season of Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 will premiere on Netflix in 2022. It will be again using full CGI animation. The first season premiered exclusively on the streaming service in April 2020.

5. Scumbag System 2

The second season of Scumbag System.

It’s a historical drama ONA following a boy who transmigrates to the world of Proud Immortal Demon Way in the role of the scumbag master who is destined to suffer a humiliating defeat by the protagonist.

Watch the trailer here

4. Ultraman Season 2

Since the Ultraman anime series on Netflix resonated well with viewers, it’s no surprise that the show is getting a second season.

Earth once again faces an alien threat. Shinjiro, a high school student, dons an Ultraman suit to become the hero the world needs and fight as an Ultraman like his great father before him. A NETFLIX ORIGINAL ANIME SERIES Ultraman Season 2—now in production!

Watch the trailer here

3. Spriggan

The curtain opens on a high-speed action series featuring battles over ancient relics!

Based on the manga “Spriggan” written by Hiroshi Takashige and illustrated by Ryoji Minagawa, david production is making the anime adaptation.

Watch the trailer here

2. Tiger & Bunny 2

Tiger & Bunny will return to TV screens with the second season.

An original superpower/action/comedy ONA by Bandai Namco Pictures is set to premiere in April 2022.

1. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

All fans of Cyberpunk, rejoice!

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners is an upcoming Netflix Original anime series and spin-off of the sci-fi video game Cyberpunk 2077. The studio behind it is Studio Trigger.

According to their official website, CYBERPUNK: EDGERUNNERS tells a standalone, 10-episode story about a street kid trying to survive in a technology and body modification-obsessed city of the future. Having everything to lose, he chooses to stay alive by becoming an edgerunner—a mercenary outlaw also known as a cyberpunk.

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