10 Fantastic Anime Like Ningen Fushin: Adventurers Who Don’t Believe in Humanity Will Save the World

We love to watch anime like Ningen Fushin where the betrayed heroes find a new purpose in their lives.

This is exactly the premise of Ningen Fushin, where four peeps—Nick, a veteran adventurer, Tiana, a mage, Zem, a cleric, and Curran, a half-dragon—all got screwed over by someone they trusted, and they’re all broke as a joke. They randomly meet up at a bar and start spilling their guts about their troubles.

Then Nick is like, “Yo, we should team up, rank up, and make some cash for our hobbies.” And they’re like, “Yeah, that’s a dope idea, let’s do it!”. Little did they know they were gonna save the world from some crazy danger!

With that being said, here is a list of 10 anime shows that are like Ningen Fushin.

10. Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer is a dark and bloody anime that can be seen as the older, more mature cousin of Ningen Fushin. It’s a great choice for viewers who are looking for a much darker series that features an RPG-style world and plenty of dungeon exploration.

The MC is a lone adventurer known only as Goblin Slayer, who specializes in exterminating goblins. He’s not your typical hero though: he’s stoic, blunt, and solely focused on his mission to eradicate all goblins from the world.

Along the way, he teams up with a variety of other adventurers, including a priestess, a dwarf, and an elf, as they face dangerous challenges and battles against the ruthless goblin horde.

9. Log Horizon

The show takes place in an MMORPG game called Elder Tale, a world where thousands of gamers are transported into.

The story follows Shiroe, a socially awkward yet intelligent strategist. He teams up with his fellow players to figure out how to survive and prosper in this new world.

Similar to Ningen Fushin, Log Horizon is a fantasy anime set in an RPG-like world. There, the protagonist finds a group of people he can rely on to help them survive and thrive.

What makes Log Horizon unique is its original take on the “trapped in a video game” trope. Unlike other similar anime, this series focuses more on the mechanics and world-building of the game. It explores themes such as politics, economics, and social dynamics.

8. KonoSuba

Another comedy, RPG-based fantasy anime like Ningen Fushin is Konosuba.

Konosuba is a hilarious anime that follows the misadventures of Kazuma, a high school boy who dies in a rather embarrassing way. He finds himself in a fantasy world and is joined by three other adventurers: Aqua, a useless goddess; Megumin, a crazed mage who only knows one powerful spell; and Darkness, a masochistic crusader who loves getting hit.

Together, the group embarks on quests, battles monsters, and gets into all sorts of wacky situations.

What sets Konosuba apart from other anime is its zany humor and over-the-top characters. It’s a must-watch for fans of comedy and fantasy genres.

Oh, and did I mention there are plenty of explosions?

7. Beast Tamer

In Beast Tamer, some beasts are immensely powerful. As a result, many greedy humans want their abilities, which endanger their very existence.

Rein is a beast tamer who can use animals for various tasks. He joins a party led by a complete jerk and gets kicked out for being useless shortly after.

Then he meets Kanade, a cat spirit with major power, and forms a contract with her.

With a powerful cat spirit by his side, Rein starts his journey as an adventurer, climbing higher in the ranks and encountering even more ultimate species on his path.

As for similarities to Ningen Fushin, Rein also faced betrayal and formed his own wholesome party, just like Nick.

6. Handyman Saitou in Another World

Although Handyman Saitou in Another World is an isekai anime, it still checks off the same adventurous boxes as Ningen Fushin does.

Moreover, the show has a similar wholesome and relaxing vibe. This makes it perfect for those who seek a show to unwind and destress from their everyday life.

Everyone wants to feel useful and appreciated for their work. This is also true for Saitō, who unfortunately feels like a total loser at his job despite being skilled.

One day, he gets the boot from his jerk boss and then while walking around feeling sorry for himself, he gets hit by a truck and sent to a whole different world!

In this new place, he joins up with a group of adventurers who could use some serious help. They’re all kinda weird and their quirks keep getting in the way, but luckily, Saitō’s got skills!

He starts doing all kinds of things for them like picking locks, carrying stuff, and reminding them of important things. Basically, he becomes their secret weapon and saves the day.

5. The Rising of the Shield Hero

Naofumi Iwatani finds himself transported to a fantasy world as the Shield Hero, the weakest of the four Legendary heroes. He teams up with a beautiful princess but is betrayed by her, and his situation becomes extremely difficult.

However, Naofumi refuses to give up and embarks on a solo adventure, where he meets various female companions who join him in his fight against the monsters threatening humanity.

The Rising of the Shield Hero shares many similarities with Ningen Fushin. Just as the MC of Shield Hero was betrayed by his supposed ally, the main characters in Ningen Fushin share the same fate. Additionally, those “unwanted” adventurers form their own party, fighting side by side in a game-like world.

4. DanMachi

DanMachi shares the same RPG vibes as Ningen Fushin, but it’s much more brutal and gory. However, if you loved the adventurous aspect of Ningen Fushin, you’ll love DanMachi for its party-forming, leveling system, and slaying various monsters in dungeons.

The show follows the adventures of a young adventurer named Bell Cranel in the city of Orario, which is also known as “Dungeon.”

With the help of his goddess, Hestia, Bell aims to become a powerful adventurer by exploring the various floors of the Dungeon and fighting against monsters.

Along the way, he meets new allies and enemies, and discovers the mysteries surrounding the Dungeon and his own past.

3. The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady

Betrayal can come in many forms. For Euphyllia, a high-ranking noble, it came in the form of her fiancé who publicly broke off their engagement. To make matters worse, he even accused her of bullying Lainie, his true love interest.

But Euphyllia is not alone in her struggle. Her ex-fiancé’s sister, Anis, offers to let her live with her and conduct magical research while they work to clear her name and reputation.

The common theme in both series is the search for a new sense of purpose in life after experiencing betrayal. This is achieved by finding unlikely allies and a new sense of belonging, and perhaps even discovering something more.

2. Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions

For those in search of an anime series even less clichéd and daring than Ningen FushinGrimgar is the way to go.

Grimgar is an isekai anime that’s a little different from the usual. It’s about a bunch of regular people who find themselves transported to a fantasy world. But instead of being overpowered heroes, they’re just average joes. They have to learn how to survive in this new world by hunting monsters and completing quests, all while struggling to remember their past lives.

It’s like watching a group of friends play an RPG, but with real consequences and emotions involved. The show offers a unique and grounded take on the isekai genre, as the characters have to deal with real-life issues such as poverty, loss, and grief.

1. Chillin’ in My 30s after Getting Fired from the Demon King’s Army

Dariel is a soldier for the demon army, working as the assistant to the demon lord Bashvaza. But then one day, he gets laid off.

With nowhere else to go, he ventures into the human world and stumbles upon a girl called Marika, who’s a human, and he saves her from a monster. She invites him to join her in her village, and he accepts her offer.

The only issue is that Dariel is conflicted with his demon upbringing and is unsure if he can trust the humans who have been at war with his kind for centuries. He must figure out where he belongs, while chaos ensues back at the demon army without him.

Like Ningen Fushin, Chillin’ in My 30s after Getting Fired from the Demon King’s Army is a fantasy anime featuring a male protagonist who gets fired from a party. However, despite this setback, he finds a new place where he fits in much better and feels a sense of belonging.

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