38 Best Anime-Inspired Skins in League of Legends

There are many beautiful anime-inspired skins in League of Legends.

Let me ask you—have you seen the Star Guardian Ahri Trailer? Because if you have then there is a high chance that you recognized Ahri’s transformation as highly similar to Sailor Moon’s transformation. This is wonderful news for any League of Legends players who enjoy anime.

We started receiving new anime-inspired skins every year because these anime skin lines are so well-liked!

In this list, I’m going to show you the top anime-inspired League of Legends skins as of 2022.

Let’s get into it!

Anima Squad Skins

Each Anima Squad skin has been created with vibrant colors and refreshing effects to give each champion the appearance of their own anime character.

The Anima Squad skin line costs 1350 RP (10€), with the exception of Battle Bunny Miss Fortune, which costs 1820 RP (15€), and the Prestige Skin which can be purchased by using mythic essence.

Battle Wolf Sylas

Battle Bat Vayne

Battle Bunny Prime Riven

Battle Bunny Miss Fortune

Battle Cat Jinx

Battle Cat Jinx Prestige Edition

Star Guardian Skin Line

This whole skin line is heavily influenced by Sailor Moon.

The majority of Star Guardian skins cost 1350 RP, which is roughly 10€. The exception to this rule are Star Guardians Ahri & Jinx. They cost 1820 RP each (15€). This is because you have to buy 1380 RP (10€) and then 650 RP (5€) from their shop to have enough RP to purchase the skin.

A different case is the Prestige Star Guardian skin line, which can be unlocked by trading mythic essence. There are various ways how you can obtain it

My favorite skin from this line is Star Guardian Soraka, both the normal and prestige version. I always pick that one, it’s cute & the sound and particle effects are satisfying in the game.

Star Guardian Ahri

Star Guardian Ezreal

Star Guardian Janna

Star Guardian Jinx

Star Guardian Lulu

Star Guardian Lux

Star Guardian Miss Fortune

Star Guardian Neeko

Prestige Star Guardian Neeko

Star Guardian Poppy

Star Guardian Soraka

Prestige Star Guardian Soraka

Star Guardian Syndra

Pajama Guardian Skin Line

Pajama Guardians have a Star Guardian feel to them but they are dressed in pajamas while fighting evil. Each of them costs 1350 RP but players who have purchased their Star Guardian equivalent can get a discount (-45%), so they will cost you only 750 RP (and vice versa).

Pajama Guardian Ezreal

Pajama Guardian Lulu

Pajama Guardian Lux

Pajama Guardian Miss Fortune

Pajama Guardian Soraka

Pajama Guardian Cosplay Urgot

Battle Academia Skin Line

The skins from Battle Academia make me think of students and professors from some anime superhero or magical academy. We even have a battle principal Yuumi who would easily pass for a cute anime sidekick!

Except for Battle Academia Ezreal & Caitlyn, which costs 1820 RP (15€), all other Battle Academia skins cost 1350 RP (10€).

The prestige skins can be traded for mythic essence.

Battle Academia Ezreal

Battle Professor Graves

Battle Academia Jayce

Battle Academia Katarina

Battle Academia Lux

Prestige Battle Academia Lux

Battle Principal Yuumi

Battle Academia Caitlyn

Battle Academia Garen

Battle Academia Leona

Prestige Battle Academia Leona

Battle Academia Wukong

Battle Academia Yone

Which anime-inspired League of Legends skin is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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