500 Aesthetic Naruto PFPs (Perfect for Discord)

Ino Yamanaka Aesthetic PFPs

Ino is a strong ninja chick with mind-reading and mind-control powers. She used to be Sakura’s frenemy, but the two eventually bury the hatchet and become close friends.

She has a bit of a sassy attitude and a love for fashion, and she runs her own flower shop when she’s not outside crushing enemies.

Rock Lee Aesthetic PFPs

Rock Lee is a super-enthusiastic, bowl-cut-sporting ninja with incredible physical strength. He’s not the most skilled ninja in terms of jutsu or ninjutsu, but he more than makes up for it with his taijutsu skills, which allow him to deliver some serious beatdowns to his opponents.

Lee’s also got a bit of a fanboy crush on Naruto’s teammate, Sakura, but he eventually learns to accept that she’s not into him like that.

He’s a bit of an underdog since he can’t use any fancy ninja techniques like his peers, but he never lets that get him down. Lee’s always ready to work hard and train harder, and his never-say-die attitude inspires everyone around him.

Deidara Aesthetic PFPs

Deidara is a blond member of Akatsuki who’s all about blowing stuff up with his bombs made of clay.

He’s got a cocky attitude and loves to show off his skills by creating elaborate explosions that are like works of art.

Oh, and he’s got this weird mouth on the palm of his hand that he uses to make his bombs.

Gaara Aesthetic PFPs

Gaara is an emo-looking guy with an insane sand-based power that lets him crush his enemies and protect himself.

He used to be all messed up in the head because of his traumatic childhood.

But eventually, he learned to open up and made friends with Naruto and other ninjas.

Gaara is, however, still pretty intense, and doesn’t take crap from anyone.

Takeaway: don’t mess with Gaara.

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