10 Interesting Facts About Light Yagami (Death Note)

Light is a fascinating hero. He is a high schooler with a brilliant mind, a smart guy who has never had a thought to use any assistance but his admirers have no idea of many facts about Light Yagami, which this article will tell about. You might be one of those, so you better keep reading so as not to miss anything interesting.

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But let’s get back to Light. Here are the top 10 facts you probably didn’t know about Light Yagami!

Please be aware that this article contains spoilers!

1. The day he was brought to life

Out of the all Light Yagami facts mentioned in this article, this one is the most basic one: his birthday. Light’s birthday is 28 February 1986 (1989 in the anime).

Tsugumi Ohba, as an author, wanted his hero to be intelligent, while Takeshi Obata, made a decision on Light’s appearance as an artist. The decision was made fast. 

The same duo also stands behind the recent anime series, Platinum End.

2. He was torn

At first, the powers of the notebook tore Light. Like writing a thesis tore any student apart from the inside. To him, it was like some kind of a joke as if a good luck letter thing or something.

 3. Neither paradise nor hell was expecting him 

At the dawn of life, Light comes in neither paradise nor hell. From the outset, it was Ohba’s decision to show that nothing awaits a man afterward he dies.

Nevertheless, in accordance with a fan’s theory, Shinigami Realm is the place where Light happens to be. In Death Note Relight 1: Visions of a God, the motion picture that rehashes what happens, a Shinigami poses Ryuk a question of what actually happens after he drops the Death Note and comes down to Earth. 

4. Light beats L

Light killing L was done by putting all the pieces in place and enclosing the final trap. He did everything to endanger Misa so Rem could come up as her savior by putting L’s name in the Death Note, even if that meant Rem’s imminent death.

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5. He kills one of L’s biggest enemies

In the novel Death Note: Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases, L meets Naomi Misora. The decision is made to murder a killer called Beyond Birthday (BB).

But then BB changes his mind and does a cheap deed to be rather an enemy than a successor. BB finds people to murder right when their time comes up.

BB later died in the prison because of a heart seizure. The fans jumped to a conclusion that it was none other than Light who murdered him based on him being an offender who dies in the most often mentioned in the killer notebook ways.

6. Acting in Death Parade

Death Parade was another series made by Madhouse (Hunter x Hunter 2011, One Punch Man, No Game No Life).

Even though no confirmation was made, many fans think they recognized Light in a cameo due to looking very much alike. No one had any idea of where he would go afterward, but as long as he could go neither to paradise nor hell, he was one of those for whom death was not a problem. He just stopped existing. 

7. Another role in Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid

In addition, Light showed up with no “death” in its title. That is Full Metal Panic! Many guys could be noticed in the 6th episode called “Edge of Heaven”. There are also Misa and L in the cameo.

Despite the different styles of art, for some fans, it became apparent that what they see is obviously their favorite guys. 

8. The Death Note was the ruiner of his life

Ohba made a statement that the Death Note broke Light’s life to pieces. If it was not found, he would become like L and his father. He heard from Ryuk that he will get in a lot of trouble. It is no surprise how things turned around afterward. 

9. Other versions 

Netflix’s adaptation of Death Note on the right

In the motion picture, he was dating Shiori, who played a very essential role in the 1st movie online.

Speaking about live-action production, he is way more emotional. The Netflix version of Light was the largest change though. It is about a Light Turner. He is not as wonderfully talented as Light Yagami, far from an expert in studies. The way he kills is way more terrible than Light Yagami’s.

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10. The day he died

One of the lesser-known facts about Light Yagami is that he died on 28 January 2010.

From what Ryuk said, he would wind up writing down Light’s name in the killer notebook. Obata found it very quite a challenge to draw Light’s death. But despite the end of his life, Light still has its admirers throughout the globe.

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