Top 10 Amnesia Quotes That Will Touch Your Heart

Amnesia follows the story of Heroine, who awakens one day after she fainted at work with complete amnesia. To get her safely home, the staff calls two of her friends named Shin and Toma to escort her.

Soon after, when left alone at her home, she meets a spectral boy named Orion who is visible only to her and explains that the cause of her amnesia is him entering her world and vows to help her remember who she is.

Finding a way to remember her life and identity turns out to be a very difficult task to be done – she gets involved with multiple handsome men with various motives as she starts to unfold the mystery of the strange circumstances, puzzling her lost memories piece by piece as the time progresses.

The main characters of today’s Amnesia’s quotes are going to be:

❤️ Toma

❤️ Ikki

❤️ Ukyo

These 10 quotes are the most memorable quotes from Amnesia’s handsome boys.


1. If you lose your memories again, I’ll tell you every day I love you, no matter what happens I’ll protect you. – Ikki

2. There’s always been something heavy in my heart that’s made me suffer. But when I hear your voice or see your face, that something starts to melt. – Ikki

3. I love you… I always have, and always will… – Toma

4. I promise you that I would protect you from anything scary from then on. – Toma

5. I only want to keep you from crying, but even that wish, I couldn’t grant. – Toma

6. I always want to see you smile and I want to make you smile. So for that purpose, I don’t mind if you hate me, that’s what I decided. But IT HURTS. – Toma

7. I have lost count of the number of times I’ve met you and lost you. But even now… I still…still love you. – Ukyo

8. You don’t remember me, do you?

9. While I was traveling, searching for you, I died again, and I finally realized: a world where you and I can both live doesn’t exist. – Ukyo

10. Even though I knew I had to give up, I want to see you. I want you to smile for me one more time. – Ukyo


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