Only Real Fans Of Killua Zoldyck Will Know These Facts

If you are new here you don’t know how much I love Killua. Killua is just so likable! He is definitely the best anime boy for me for multiple reasons which I am going to explain to you.


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Killua is

✔️ SO cool (I mean just how much potential he has, how strong he is, the whole backstory and looks),

✔️ getting insanely realistic character development (you will relate to him and his struggles),

✔️ a skilled assassin from a young age,

✔️ a gamer on top of that.

How can one not love Killua?

To spread the love further I found the most interesting facts about Killua and summarized them to either introduce Killua to you and make you his biggest fan or to test your knowledge about Killua if you are a fan already. 

Killua’s bloodlust

#1 fact: He is the third child of Silva and Kikyo Zoldyck and the heir of the Zoldyck Family.

#2 fact: Killua is currently 14 years old. 

#3 fact: Since the day he was born, he went through vigorous training to become the perfect assassin.

#4 fact: The reason why Killua left his family to become a hunter is that he grew tired of killing. 

#5 fact: He is 158 cm tall and weighs 45 kg. 

#6 fact: His blood type is A. 

#7 fact: His nen type is transmutation. 

#8 fact: Killua’s best friend is Gon Freecss. 

#9 fact: He loves sweet foods and spent almost 200 million Jenny on snacks when he was at the Heavens Arena.

#10 fact: His favorite snack is chocolate, specifically Chocolate Balls.

Despite being only 14 he has insanely good quotes

#11 fact: He puts his friends first.

#12 fact: Killua seems to be prone to gambling. 

#13 fact: Despite being only 14 (or youngerat the beginning  of the series) he remains usually calm and composed in very terrifying situations. He has shown multiple times emotional maturity. 

#14 fact: Killua reached the renowned Floor 200 of the Heavens Arena at the age of 6.

#15 fact: He has trained his physical abilities to superhuman levels.

#16 fact: Due to the extensive training from a young age he is resistant to electricity and poisons.

#17 fact: Killua can manipulate his muscles and joints to the point where he can effortlessly dislodge his joints to escape being bound, before fixing them just as easily.

#18 fact: He has mastered a technique called Shadow Step which allows him to run and walk without making a sound.

#19 fact: He is able to use a technique called Rhythm Echo which grants him the ability to create afterimages of himself during the fight.

#20 fact: Killua can whip his arms around with such an incredible speed that he slices through anything that touches his arms. It’s called The Snake Awakens technique.

Wish I looked so smart when I think…

#21 fact: He can casually swing 50 kg yo-yos faster than the eye can see.

#22 fact: Killua is able to open a 64-ton gate effortlessly.

#23 fact: Killua specializes in electricity manipulation – the way he uses Nen is truly spectacular, he transforms his Aura into electrical currents and manipulates it. In order to do this he absorbs electricity from outside sources.

#24 fact: By generating a surge of electricity into his own body, Killua can stimulate his nervous system and immensely boost his speed. This state is called Godspeed and grants him such speed that he is able to match such oponnents he could not even scratch in his normal form (like Royal Guards).

#25 fact: He is the most popular HxH character according to polls.


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