Juuni Taisen: A Brutally Honest Review

Juuni Taisen caught my attention after watching this AMV.

My first thoughts were: holy crap, this is so cool! 


Are you also a person who decides to watch some anime based on an AMV? Because I found so many awesome anime and favorite characters just by watching AMVs. Heck, it was even how I got motivated to watch Hunter x Hunter, my best anime.

The one who caught my attention in the AMV was Boar (her Zodiac Sign). My first impression of her was that this is going to be the main character and a really powerful and agile fighter, along with a unique, maybe sadistic personality.

A lot to uncover! Her looks are also amazing – she has everything that it takes to be my favorite character. Elegant, red lips, long hair… her smile is kinda crazy too!


My first impression after episode one was that this anime is similar to anime like Killing Bites, Akame Ga Kill, Darwin’s Game, and also Btooom!

Juuni Taisen is about 12 mercenaries who represent Zodiac signs and attend a Zodiac Tournament. They fight to the death for one wish they are going to be granted if they win.

Spoilers below!

What I liked

First of all, I’m used to anime that are only 12 episodes short. It’s ideal if you don’t want to “waste” too much time on something.

The art was pretty, but sometimes inconsistent. The action scenes were very well animated and smooth.


The whole idea of a battle royale between unique Zodiac signs is amazing even though it’s not very unique. This is a great premise for someone who loves action and unique abilities (like me).

I liked the recurrent flashbacks of each character, but they were not enough to explain the complexity of each character.

I also loved that there is no protagonist and each character got the same screen time (kind of).

What I hated

I am sorry, Juuni Taisen, but you really disappointed me. You had so much potential.

The whole show went downhill really fast, just after they had gotten me hooked on the anime by introducing Boar as a first character and taking us back to her past.

I had some expectations, based on the AMV I guess. I expected Boar to be the main character only to find out that she is going to talk all episode big and then die a pathetic death by a psychotic Rabbit. This is the first and most prevalent problem with this show. The anime introduces some character and their back story through flashbacks and then, they will kill them off. Just like that. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. This pattern gets very tiresome and repeatable.

My Boar bae

Some of their deaths are truly lame in my opinion, like for example, Boar’s death. She deserved better.

Each character has a kind of interesting story behind them, but it’s not enough to bond with the characters. Their motives and personalities are not explained enough either. I assume this was never a point anyway because they just die at the end of every episode…

This anime clearly opted for an action-based plot, a killing game with little to no meaning. It gives constant clues about who will die later, so pretending to be surprised by the plot would be a mistake.

My honest rating of Juuni Taisen

I would rate it 6/10. Just because I love Boar. 🙁


Hi, my name is Mia, and I am the founder of 9 Tailed Kitsune. I am a big fan of esports, games, and anime. When I was around 7 years old, Phantom Thief Jeanne sparked my fascination for anime, and it has never faded!

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    • May 8, 2020 at 12:00 pm

      I can’t forgive them for killing off Boar so easily.

  • May 1, 2020 at 7:28 pm

    Dang, haven’t seen this anime and it’s above average or could have been below due to boar?.


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