10 Fascinating Facts About Kurumi Tokisaki

Get ready for some Kurumi Tokisaki facts! Kurumi is the third Spirit to show up in the Date A Live series, and she’s definitely made a name for herself.

Not only is she the first major Spirit antagonist, but she’s also known as the Worst Spirit because of her ruthless behavior.

But, let’s not forget how incredibly popular Kurumi is among the Date A Live fans. With her stunning looks and sadistic personality (which she can hide behind an innocent and cute facade), it’s no surprise that she’s a fan favorite. Just don’t be fooled, this girl is cray-cray.

Here are 10 facts about Kurumi Tokisaki!

#10 She lacks empathy for humans

Kurumi has shown a complete lack of regard for human beings. She views them as a mere source to replenish her own time (life force) and achieve her goals.

She has killed over 10 000 people excluding the spacequake victims. In her defense, the people she personally murdered in cold blood were or would-be rapists or animal abusers, so she is not completely crazy. Also, her original sense of justice is not altered because her ultimate goal is to prevent the Spirits from ever being created, so this would arguably save millions of people.

#9 Kurumi is an S-class Spirit

Spirits are extraordinary beings from different dimensions. Each time they come through to this world, they create a spacequake that is very destructive.

Almost all Spirits were originally humans who bonded with mysterious gems called Sephira Crystals, which turned them into Spirits. These gems contain Angels.

Kurumi’s Angel is Zafkiel and it serves as the power source of her Spirit Form. She can manipulate time through special bullets thanks to this power. Depending on the number of the bullet, they have different effects on the target. Examples include seeing a glimpse of the future or sending the target to the past or future. It’s important to note that using these bullets is decreasing her life force and can easily lead to her death if all of it is consumed. The decrease in her life force is shown when the yellow clock in her left eye moves clockwise.

#8 She used to be a human before

Kurumi’s past experiences and events are what make her one of the most fascinating characters in the Date A Live series.

Before she became a Spirit, she was just a normal human girl from a wealthy family who loved her deeply. With a strong sense of justice and empathy for both humans and animals, Kurumi’s kindness was exploited by the first Spirit, Mio. She was transformed into a Spirit with Mio’s help after Mio saved her from “a monster”. She found herself hunting what she thought were monsters with her new powers. It wasn’t until later that Kurumi learned the devastating truth, that the beings she and Mio had been killing were actually humans turned into incompatible Spirits.

#7 Kurumi starts off as an antagonist

In fact, she is the first Spirit to be introduced as an antagonist in the Date A Live series. She is also referred to as the Worst Spirit. Living up to that name, huh?

Since Kurumi’s past is known (#8 fact), it’s actually no surprise that she changed into a ruthless person after being fooled and hurt like that.

While her methods are brutal, her end goals have always been good. Her main goal is to kill the first Spirit and prevent the existence of Spirits from ever happening.

#6 She is a Sadodere

A Sadodere is a character who loves to manipulate in sadistic ways. That means that she loves to inflict physical or mental pain on others. And yes, even to her love interest.

This perfectly fits our astonishing beauty Kurumi since she has shown her sadistic nature when it comes to Shido many times.

#5 Her height is 157 cm

Kurumi is 157 cm tall. The average height for a Japanese woman is 158.8 cm, so she is pretty average when it comes to height.

#4 She loves animals

Her favorite things are animals, and her least favorite things are humans. Her most beloved animals are cats. I can relate and I also have a kitty!

She even once slaughtered four humans not because she needed to replenish her time, but because they were trying to kill a kitten!

#3 Kurumi Tokisaki’s name’s meaning

Kurumi (胡桃) is the Japanese word for walnut.

Tokisaki contains the word “Toki” which is known as the translation of time/hour in Japan. That actually makes perfect sense if you consider her powers which are related to time.

# 2 She is a second-year student at Raizen High School 

She attended the same school and even class as Shido, although the methods she used to enroll in his class are unknown.

#1 Kurumi is 17 years old

Kurumi, the third Spirit to show up in the Date A Live world, is a gorgeous girl who looks to be 17 but is actually way older. Fans estimate her real age to be 30 or beyond.

Born on June 27th, Kurumi is a Cancer. Cancers are known for their loyalty, imagination, and sympathy. But watch out, ’cause those mood swings, selfishness, and manipulation can come out when patience and love run low.

Did you know these Kurumi Tokisaki facts?

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