How Otakus Live with Their Waifus

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The new waifu and husband culture has taken the world of anime lovers by a storm. Not only are Otakus obsessed with anime, but also certain characters that they deem perfect to be their life partners. So much so that many people decide to live with their waifus, even marry them. In fact, using a waifu generator has become quite common these days as people love to create their own waifus, the one they can resonate with and build an emotional connection with too.

Now, how does it work? Read the following article to find out!

Who is an Otaku?

Otaku is a comical term derived from Japanese culture. Even though the term might have a derogatory sense attached to it in Japanese, the western anime watching community reclaimed the term.

Otaku in Japanese is a term used to denote a person who is unhealthily obsessed with anime and games. In Japan, this obsession is so deep that it is considered to be a social death sentence. However, after the Western world reclaimed it, the term only means someone who loves anime.

An Otaku consumes Japanese cultural animated content in large quantities.


What is a Waifu?

The term waifu is simple to understand. It is another term that came into existence due to the popularity of anime. Wester anime-lovers referred to the characters that they resonate with the term ‘waifu’ to show their romantic interest in them.

When otakus have an obsession with anime, they tend to romanticize certain characters. This is a natural thing to do; however, developing interest in them is obvious when someone watches a character.

The difference between interest in fictional characters and waifus is distinct, however. While liking a character involves devouring content on them and probably buying merchandise, having a waifu involves commitment.

Once a person has a waifu, they are committed and dedicated to their character. People can live with or even marry these characters to form relationships with them. Having a waifu, however, does not mean that the person can not have a real-life relationship.

People who have a waifu are completely capable of having two relationships – one with their waifu and the other with a 3D person. Their real-life and virtual life relationships are independent of one another, regardless of the level of commitment.

How Does a Waifu Relationship Work?

A few things are extremely clear when it comes to a relationship between an otaku and a waifu. The otaku does not only ‘like’ the character but has more-or-less married her. Therefore, this relationship involves commitment.

Otakus live with their significant other waifu and even marry them. Some of these relationships are also sexual in nature. However, that is an independent choice open for all otakus. Most people with younger waifus do not like the idea of forming a sexual relationship with their waifu, but some do.

Given below are some principles involved in a waifu relationship.

  • There is commitment involved. The otaku is supposed to be devoted to their waifu.
  • The otaku is allowed to have a relationship in the real world.
  • Some waifu relationships involve sexual activities. However, that is an individual choice.
  • Most otaku-waifu relationships involve living together.

How Do Otakus Marry Their Waifus?

The number of otakus who choose to lead their lives absolutely with their waifu is increasing rapidly. There are a lot of people who have public wedding ceremonies with their favorite anime characters. They generally do so because they have either turned away from real-life relationships or are completely in love with their waifu.

A company called Gatebox supports these marriages. The company issues unofficial marriage certificated to people who want to marry their waifu. Over 4,000 people have taken the offer of getting these marriage certificates in lieu of spending their life with their waifu.

Many people have traditional weddings with their waifu. These weddings are similar to what a wedding of two humans will feel like. However, the only difference is that a cuddly toy replaces one person.

Otakus are looking forward to the future when they can actually touch and be with their waifu.

How do Otakus Live with Their Waifus?

Everything seems nice till now. Otakus fall in love, they get married to their waifus, but how do they love with them? Is a cuddly doll enough for companionship? Well, the answer is that in most waifu relationships, it is.

Since otakus consume so much content on their waifus, they are able to have mental conversations with their waifu. Most of their life is fabricated in their minds, which is where they can choose a peaceful life with their waifu. Most otakus become hikikomori, the only difference being that they lead a happy imaginary life with their waifu.

With the advancement in technology, people are able to have relationships close to reality with their waifus, however. The company Gatebox helps otakus have a realistic relationship with their waifu. They create holograms of anime characters that are made for better companionship.

When people marry their waifus, they can install this hologram in their living space. Through this hologram, the waifus can have conversations with their husbands. Otakus can communicate basic messages to their waifus, and they have the capability of responding to them.

The waifu in the hologram can sing, dance, and even wake their partners up. The waifus can have different outfits and different forms, all of which can have varied forms. Some anime waifus can change their hair colors; some can change their demeanor and their voice, etc. Otakus consider all forms of these characters to be their waifus.

Through these holograms, waifus can even shift from being innocent, to angry, to sexy, all depending on the clothes she wears. There is a wide array of emotions and moods that can be displayed by waifus in this context.

In addition to this, otakus sleep and live with a cuddly toy version of their waifu. They could sleep with this toy and go for walks with it, and have a complete relationship with them.

Summing Up

The world of otakus is divided into two – the real world and the virtual worlds. However, some people can opt to live with their waifus at all times and marry them in actuality. They can live with their waifus and have various kinds of relationships with them, all depending on the kind of imagination that the otaku has.

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