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Let’s be real, all the bishounen vampires from Diabolik Lovers are pretty darn cute, am I right? I mean, whether we’re talking about the Sakamaki or Mukami vampires, they all have that certain charm. But, have you ever wondered which Diabolik Lovers character is the most popular? Well, wonder no more because we’ve got the answer for you!

Thanks to MAL’s popularity list, which is based on rankings from real users, we’ve determined the ultimate winner. So, who comes out on top? You’ll have to check the list to find out!

Last Update: 27.01.2023

10. Yuma Mukami

  • Member Favorites: 92

Yuma is the third son of the Mukami family, the tallest among his brothers, and is actually Edgar, Shū’s human childhood friend who had been thought to have died in a fire. Yuma/Edgar had survived but lost his memories and joined a street gang before being taken in by Karlheinz and turned into a vampire. He is a delinquent type with a passion for gardening and a tendency to go on rampages when angry.

9. Ruki Mukami

  • Member Favorites: 151

Ruki is the eldest of the Mukami brothers and is known for his sadistic, cold, and calculating personality. He’s also incredibly intelligent and can be quite manipulative. In the second season of the anime, he is the first of the Mukami’s to drink Yui’s blood and rivals with Ayato. Ruk is definitely one of the more complex characters in the series.

8. Kou Mukami

  • Member Favorites: 163

Kou is the second eldest of the Mukami brothers. He has a split personality that emerges when he’s frustrated or Yui doesn’t obey. He’s also a successful idol, using his good looks to manipulate people. Kou also has a rivalry with Subaru and enjoys taunting him regarding Yui.

7. Azusa Mukami

  • Member Favorites: 210

The most popular Diabolik Lovers character from the Mukami family is Azusa, the youngest of the brothers.

He was an orphan who didn’t know his birth parents, and felt like his life had no purpose. Azusa was taken in by three thieving kids who would beat him up for fun. He began to enjoy the pain and saw it as proof that he was alive. But the kids were killed when they tried to rob an aristocrat. After that, Azusa started cutting himself and ended up in an orphanage. He met his brothers there and they tried to escape, but he was shot by the staff. Karlheinz appeared and offered him a chance to live as a vampire. He accepted so he could feel pain again and was turned.

Azusa is the only one from Mukami brothers who treats Yui nicely.

6. Reiji Sakamaki

  • Member Favorites: 236

Reiji, the second eldest among the Sakamaki brothers, is famous for his sophisticated and cultured ways. He values rules and demands others to follow them, but he also has a dark side: he has a passion for experimenting with drugs and collecting kitchenware. Reiji also quite a clever and calculating individual, renowned for his strategic thinking in the series.

5. Subaru Sakamaki

  • Member Favorites: 523

Subaru is the youngest son of the Sakamaki family whose personality can be described as reserved and introverted. He had a complicated relationship with his unstable mother and often resorts to violence to express his anger and frustration.

Subaru has a delinquent side but also has a gentle side that only his love interest, Yui, can see. Despite his demeanor, he cares deeply for Yui and even encourages her to escape while she still can.

4. Shu Sakamaki

  • Member Favorites: 561

Shu is the eldest of the Sakamaki brothers, the current head of the household, and the first son of Beatrix. Growing up, he was given a lot of attention by his mother, due to Cordelia’s hostility towards Beatrix for being Karlheinz’s favorite wife. He is apathetic and lazy, often found sleeping in the music room at school.

He has a love for music, but his only friend, a human boy named Edgar, died in a fire set by Reiji. This event made him distant from humans, and he tends to avoid responsibilities and leaves it to Reiji to take care of the family and the house.

3. Laito Sakamaki

  • Member Favorites: 585

Laito’s a real freak. Like, he’s always getting suspended from school because he can’t keep his perverted nature in check. He’s a total Do-S, just like all his brothers. But, he’s also pretty funny and loves to joke around. Just watch out when something doesn’t go his way or when Yui doesn’t listen to him…

2. Kanato Sakamaki

  • Member Favorites: 628

Kanato has earned a reputation as the most eccentric and unpredictable of the brothers. He’s also incredibly obsessed with his doll, and both his appearance and behavior give off a mysterious vibe.

1. Ayato Sakamaki

  • Member Favorites: 1,184

Ayato is the third brother among the Sakamaki siblings and the most popular Diabolik Lovers character.

He is a total narcissist and prankster. He’s always trying to be the best because of his complicated upbringing. Ayato is like the class clown of the house and loves causing trouble. He thinks he’s better than everyone else and loves messing with people, always bragging about himself and making everyone call him “Ayato-sama.”

He is the first of the Sakamaki brothers to be introduced in the first episode of the anime. Ayato also happens to be the first one to drink Yui’s blood.

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