Diabolik Lovers Popularity Ranking

We can all agree on the fact that all bishounen vampires from Diabolik Lovers are pretty cute. Whether we are talking about Sakamaki or Mukami vampires, they both have similar charm. But have you ever wondered if your favorite Diabolik Lovers’ boy is the absolute all-time favorite?

The winner can be only one, ladies! This list was created thanks to MAL’s popularity list based on rankings of real mal’s users.

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10. Yuuma Mukami

Member Favorites: 94

9. Ruki Mukami

Member Favorites: 137

8. Kou Mukami

Member Favorites: 141

7. Azusa Mukami

Member Favorites: 180

6. Reiji Sakamaki

Member Favorites: 218

5. Subaru Sakamaki

Member Favorites: 488

4. Laito Sakamaki

Member Favorites: 561

3. Kanato Sakamaki

Member Favorites: 650

2. Shuu Sakamaki

Member Favorites: 674

1. Ayato Sakamaki

Member Favorites: 1,082


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