Top 7 Anime-Inspired Skins in League of Legends (2019)

Let me ask you – have you seen the Star Guardian Ahri Trailer? Because if you have then there is a high chance that you recognized the transformation as highly similar to Sailor Moon’s transformation which is a good thing for all anime fans (we are getting more and more anime skins every year, yay!). 

Today I decided that I am going to show you the best anime-inspired skins from League of Legends as of 2019 (✿◠‿◠) so let’s get into it!


7. Star Guardian Janna (1350 RP)


6. Battle Academia Lux Prestige Edition 


5. Star Guardian Ezreal (1350 RP)


4. Star Guardian Neeko (1350 RP)


3. Star Guardian Zoe (1350 RP)


2. Star Guardian Soraka (1350 RP)


1. Star Guardian Ahri (1820 RP)


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