Top 5 Powerful and Adorable Lolis

I have to admit, there is just something about lolis that makes your jaw drop and heart melt. Lolis are cute, sweet, innocent-looking and in general, they agitate warm feelings. There are thousands of fans who admire lolis and hence, there are thousands of pictures of them on the Internet.

But if we are talking about strictly anime lolis, not fanarts, these lolis have an actual personality that is not always in alignment with how sweet they look. And that’s exactly what I’m going to talk about in this top 5 list.

I know that I often fall in love with some character just by watching AMVs, browsing pictures, or reading articles and it definitely that makes me soon or later watch the anime where those characters can be found. That is exactly what I’m trying to spark in you –  all of these lolis are strong, intriguing, capable, and unique looking which might make you watch the anime mentioned and associated with them (all of the anime I’m including is 100% approved by me too, I bet you will enjoy it!).

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5. Shiro

  • Race: Imanity
  • Age: 11
  • Anime: No Game No Life

Despite being just 11 years old, Shiro is insanely intelligent and can be considered a genius when it comes to logic and solving problems. She is able to speak 18 languages and has never lost any chess game despite playing dozens of them. Shiro is also excellent with games and, along with her brother, is the best in more than 280 games. Knowing this imagine that Shiro gets transported into a world where everything can be decided by playing games – that’s like a dream, right?

Even though she might seem like a perfect loli, she has obvious problems with understanding emotions and would probably not score very high in emotional intelligence tests.

4. Schwi Dola

  • Race: Ex-Machina
  • Age: 211
  • Anime: No Game No Life: Zero

She might look like an ordinary cute loli, but she is actually a cybernetic humanoid. If you look closer she strikes a strong resemblance to Shiro with the exception of hair color and mechanical parts of the body. Before meeting humans she used to act like a typical artificial intelligence – relying solely on the data and calculations.

After being exiled from the hive unit due to errors her poor understanding of emotions hadn’t changed until she met a boy struggling for Imanity’s (a race) survival. Don’t be fooled by her looks though – she is still an ex-machina with immense physical strength.

3. Tanya von Degurechaff

  • Race: Human
  • Age: varies on the volume (9-13)
  • Anime: Youjo Senki

Tanya might be a little girl in this life, but she used to be an adult male before the reincarnation. She is reborn into an alternate version of Europe during World War I. At just nine years of age, Tanya enters the Empire’s Mages troops and is promoted to Second Lieutenant. Because she is so talented, calculative and ruthless it comes as no surprise that she eventually leads her own Mage Battalion named Imperial Army 203rd Air Mage Battalion.

Thanks to the usage of the operation orb she is capable to increase her physical and mental psyche along with the enhancement of accuracy and prediction in combat. The usage of Operation Orb is also granting her the ability to use a high tier explosive spell that can easily destroy a whole company.

2. Krul Tepes

  • Race: Vampire
  • Age: over 1,200
  • Anime: Owari no Seraph

Krul Tepes is a third progenitor among the vampires and the former vampire queen of Japan. Even though Krul is more than 1200 years old she has the looks of a preteen girl and is considered extremely beautiful even by vampire standards.

Apart from her killer looks she is also immortal and blessed with rapid regeneration. The strength of any human can’t be even compared to Krul’s raw strength – the swing of Krul’s arm can easily destroy a room. You definitely don’t want to get smacked up by her…

1. Mavis Vermillion

  • Race: Human
  • Age: physically 15
  • Anime: Fairy Tail

Despite her childish looks, Mavis is a brilliant strategist, earning her the title “The Fairy Tactician”.  She is also the first guild master of an incredibly skilled magical guild called Fairy Tail.

Mavis can use multiple magic spells that are unmatched in the world of magic. One example can be black magic called Fairy Law, which emits a bright light that envelops the area and inflicts heavy damage on whoever the caster perceives from their heart as an enemy, leaving friends and bystanders completely unharmed. Another example could be Fairy Sphere –  by converting the Fairy Tail member’s bonds and faith into magic power Mavis created the magic which can protect the guild from any evil; an absolute defense Magic.

Despite being so fiery she is an absolute darling willing to do anything to protect Fairy Tail.

Who is your favorite loli? 


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