Top 10 Epic Fights in Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail might not be as long as some anime as One Piece or Dragon Ball, but it still had its fair share of characters and epic fights. Hiro Mashima had no idea what he had created when he first published Fairy Tail, originally planning on it to be shorter but kept it going, even when the publishers tried to cancel it. We are all grateful that he did so and even more grateful that he has released a sequel to it.

So, to get you ready for 100 Years Quest, here is a list of the ten most epic fights in Fairy Tail.

10. Lucy vs. Bickslow

This is perhaps the first time that Lucy was able to hold her own in a fight and take on someone that was not only one of the top fighters in the guild but had already defeated Gray. It should be noted, however, that she was only able to pull off this feat because of Loke, her most powerful celestial spirit, and a fellow member of the guild. This particular arc was known as the “Battle for Fairy Tail” and featured the only true fight between guildmates.

9. Igneel vs. Acnologia

After being trapped inside Natsu and the other Dragon Slayers for decades (technically centuries) Igneel and the other dragons decided to show themselves in order to save humanity and their charges in particular. While it is true that Igneel didn’t win this fight and was actually killed, it was still an epic fight, one that ended with Acnologia losing an arm and Fairy Tail being disbanded. Dragons fighting dragons was beyond cool and heartbreaking as the dragons faded away, with Acnologia being the only one left.

8. Wendy and Erza vs. Irene

Irene was a powerhouse, on a level near Zeref and Erza’s birth mother. She was the strongest female member of the Spriggan Twelve and the first Dragon Slayer. Actually, she was the one that created Dragon Slaying magic and even took the last name of Belserion, the dragon that she claimed as her partner. The fight didn’t end easily, Wendy and Erza were defeated. They only won by default when Irene committed suicide after admitting her love for Erza, despite Erza refusing to claim her as a relative, citing that Fairy Tail was her only true family.

7. Wendy vs. Shelia

Who would think that these little girls could make it to the top 10 Fairy Tail fights? Wendy and Sherria are wizards but also adorable little girls that use wind magic to fight. They are also both healers and were able to save Lucy’s life later during the games. Shelia is actually stronger than Wendy but the battle ended in a tie, thanks to Wendy’s idea of enhancing Shelia’s power so that it would miss Wendy entirely. The two remained friends after that, with Wendy even joining Shelia’s guild for a short time and Shelia sacrificing her magic abilities to save Charle.

6. Natsu vs. Gajeel

The first fight that featured two dragon slayers was extremely epic, made more so by the destruction of the Fairy Tail guild hall. Both fought but Natsu ultimately came out on top, albeit barely and partly thanks to Lucy and her celestial spirits. Gajeel later joined the guild but he and Natsu continued their rivalry, even if they were more friendly after that.

5. Natsu vs. the Twin Dragons of Sabertooth

When thinking about the best fights in Fairy Tail, we can’t skip this one. After all, it was billed as a top fight in the Grand Magic Games and it certainly lived up to the hype! The battle was originally supposed to feature Gajeel as well but Natsu prevented him from joining so he could say that he was the strongest. He certainly did, defeating both Sting and Rogue with little trouble. Gajeel was later given his chance to battle Rogue and also beat him. While this wasn’t their first time competing, it was the only time that featured a true battle and not a moving train.

4. Erza vs. Azuma

Not only was Erza at a disadvantage during this fight as she had no magical protection, but she was also fighting to save her guildmates. Her love for her guildmates was what ultimately gave her the strength to defeat Azuma and restore Tenrou Island’s magical protection barrier, something Azuma gave his life to restore.

3. Team Natsu vs. Zero

One of the few fights where the entire team was defeated but they wasted no time in getting back up. Zero was the leader of the Oracion Seis and was actually a split personality of Brain who used link magic to seal him away. He was ultimately defeated and sealed away again but was the reason for the first inter-guild teamup and for Wendy joining Fairy Tail shortly afterwards.

2. Natsu and Gajeel vs. Laxus

The first (and only) major fight within the guild. Laxus was one of the strongest wizards in the guild and, technically, next in line to rule the guild as he was Makarov’s grandson. Laxus used his magic to take the town of Magnolia hostage, forcing Erza to leave him to Natsu and Gajeel so she and the other wizards could free the town. It was also revealed during this fight that Laxus was a dragon slayer.

1. Natsu vs. Acnologia

The fight that the anime had led up to during its entire run. Technically all of the dragon slayers were involved but Natsu was the one that ultimately threw the final punch. It was an epic fight but not the most dangerous one that they had gone through before. It is the most famous fight, however, and one that everyone had been preparing for, even more than Zeref. Surprisingly, Acnologia was originally a doctor, one that despised the dragons for all the death and destruction that they had caused, and bathed in their blood was what turned him into one.

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